The cast of ILLUMINATE is comprised of seven martial artists from the DC Metropolitan area. We are a group of black belt instructors who are good friends and training partners. Meet the Illuminati:

Jamie Noguchi is not only an Angry Zen Master and comic artist, but he has a broad background in martial arts, including Tang Soo Do, Jujitsu, Aikido and Iaido (not to mention the legendary Hip-Hop-Kido). Recently he has branched out into parkour and rock climbing, for grand total of 30 years experience in martial arts and related activities.

Zach Stahly just returned from 5 months studying in China, but insists he only knows just "a little" Mandarin, in addition to traditional calligraphy, history and philosophy. He has studied Korean Karate and Jujitsu for over 14 years, and also trained earnestly (though for a shorter time) in Chinese Southern Style fighting and Northern Style Wushu.

Nick Oben specializes in the escrima sticks. He began in Tang Soo Do and Jujitsu, and later discovered a love of Filipino Kali. He has trained 17 years in the martial arts. A talented chef, Nick is just as creative in the kitchen as he is in the fighting ring.

Mike Stahly is a well-rounded athlete with an analytical mind, known for his ability to adapt. He started in Tang Soo Do and Jujitsu, but also has done extra training in White Crane. Mike has spent 16 years in the martial arts.

John Shryock, director and producer, has written all the music for our show. For 24 years, he has trained in Tang Soo Do and Jujitsu, with some extra training in Filipino Martial Arts and Burmese Bando. In the show, he will showcase Chinese rope dart techniques.

When he's not fighting fires, Brad Lust enjoys breaking large stacks of cinderblocks. His primary arts are Tang Soo Do and Jujitsu, unless you also include rocking out on drums. Brad has 15 years martial arts experience.

Charlie Shryock has studied Tang Soo Do and Jujitsu for over 27 years. He has also made a serious study of Burmese Bando, not to mention a few ancient weapons like the longstaff, common weapons like the knife, and some completely-unexpected weapons like the handkerchief and belt.

Originally stage managed by Devin Day.